About us

Who we are

We are a team of highly dedicated technologists who take on challenging technology problems and work towards solving them using the Free/Libre and Open Source Software tools and solutions.

Our Philosophy

The key to achieving competitive advantage and superiority in the technology domain as our co-founder says - "is to have the right team who share the right attitude to work with you towards understanding your requirements and delivering solutions in a way that accentuates professionalism, low cost and freedom to manage your solution more effectively". Our co-founder also says that "the best companies are not created by merely best innovations alone - but by a highly talented and self-motivated team that collaborate together towards achieving the goals of the company".

Our Goal

We work towards providing highly manageable, cost-effective and competitive technology consultancy/solutions using Free/Libre and Open Source Software for the IT infrastructure of small, medium and large scale enterprises. We also strive towards creating valuable resources for clients looking forward to embrace FOSS in their IT infrastructure.

Our Motto

To empower individuals in learning, gaining mastery and to achieve technology excellence in Free/Libre and Open Source Software skills relevant to the current industry trends and requirements, and also help the IT infrastructure of small, medium and large scale enterprises in realizing the benefits of free and cost-effective solutions using tried, tested and widely supported software framework.

Our Vision

To promote, catalyze and accelerate the adoption of best software technologies/resources to our clients while ensuring and emphasizing software freedom.

What we do

We regularly conduct FOSS technology workshops and fast-track training programs to identify dedicated and hard-working individuals with an intention to excel in technology domain. We mentor them on various core technologies, tools and and also guide them on industry-standard software engineering paradigms. We then re-evaluate their skills in order to help them focus on improvising their knowledge potential and aid them to fulfill the current and relevant technology needs of the software industry.

After exhaustive training, the deserving candidates are required to assist us on live projects where they will learn on understanding client's requirements, focus on quality delivery with utmost importance given to professionalism and technology excellence in the related domain.

The candidates who successfully complete a project with us are then promoted to the technology resource pool of our company whereby they would be readily recruited by our clients based on requirements. Till the candidates are recruited by our clients, they will be working with us as a team on challenging technology assignments.

Our background

Slashprog Technologies was co-founded by Mr. Chandrashekar Babu as a platform to serve the purpose of creating highly skilled technology resources to cater to wide-spread requirements of the IT infrastructure in various industrial segments. Currently, we are a start-up firm with a small team actively working on a couple of projects while being mentored by the company co-founder.

About Chandrashekar Babu

Mr. Chandrashekar Babu is an eminent FOSS technologist from Chennai who has been catering to various small and medium scale companies in delivering technology consultancy and solutions that include IT infrastructure deployment, team creation and IT empowerment using Free/Open Source Software. He has been working as a freelance technologist for almost 6 years providing FOSS technology consultancy to MSMEs and also providing corporate training on various core technologies for several large corporations. He has over 15 years of IT experience in training, development and project management in various technologies. Over the last decade, he has individually trained more than 4000 professionals in various technologies related to UNIX and Free/Open Source Software.

While people in the IT training industry familiarly know him as the "Jack of all FOSS trades", his students (candidates who have attended his workshops, individual training programs and corporate training programs) call him their FOSS technology guru, motivator and enlightener. His consultancy clients know him as the technology wizard.

When Mr. Chandrashekar is not engaged in corporate training assignments or consulting assignments, he conducts workshops, talks and seminars at various colleges and user groups. His technology talks and seminars are often power-packed with lots of information, tips and techniques and depth of coverage on a particular topic - all that he self-learnt over a decade of experience.

He maintains his own personal website/blog at http://www.chandrashekar.info/ and has managed to carve a brand out of himself over the last couple of years as the most sought-after corporate trainer and freelance consultant for various FOSS technologies.

In his constant endeavour to re-invent himself, widen his potential and fulfill is vision, he co-founded Slashprog Technologies along with this wife Mrs. Poornima R. While Mr. Chandrashekar is in charge of all technology matters of the company, his wife is in charge of every other aspects of company not directly related to technology. Mrs. Poornima R. is in charge of administration, staffing, marketing, accounting and all the other necessary chores of the company.