Testimonials by various candidates who attended our Training programs.

"My hearty congratulations to Mr. Chandrashekar on his new venture. I had attended his training session earlier on UNIX Shell scripting. I learnt a lot from him. He taught me how to write scripts in a very effective way. Today, I'm a system administrator and write a lot of automation scripts in shell, awk and sed - all thanks to Mr. Chandrashekar. I highly recommend his training programs"
- Ganesh Varadarajan.

"Chandrashekar sir is my guru in Open Source. His immense knowledge on various subjects is highly commendable. I learnt Perl from him and I'm now very comfortable writing scripts and understanding Perl scripts.
- Karthik N.

"I attended Mr. Chandrashekar's workshop on UNIX Shell Scripting - he is a knowledge resource for all Open Source technologies. His way of explaining concepts is simply superb.
- Sathish Kumar U.

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