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Programming Logic

Learn programming logic that entail core elements like statements, variables, expressions, and flow control. This knowledge underpins the art of transforming abstract ideas into functional programs, all guided by the beacon of logical thinking.

Algorithms and Datastructures

Gain proficiency in fundamental programming algorithms and their inner workings. Additionally, acquire the skill of designing data structures that efficiently represent information, enhancing accessibility through well-optimized algorithms.

Programming Paradigms and Style

Master the art of adapting diverse programming paradigms and styles to suit specific problem statements and use cases. Explore Procedural, Object-Oriented, Concurrent, Aspect-Oriented, and Functional Programming, skillfully applying them where they best fit.

Software Design Patterns

Learn how to apply various software design patterns while developing code for specific use-case / requirements. Also, learn the art of simplicity and avoid over-engineered code owing to abuse of software design patterns.

Software Architecture

Master the art of software design by embracing established architectural patterns. Dive into Component-based, Client-Server, Layered, Service-Oriented, Resource-Oriented, Microservices, Event-driven, P2P, and Serverless architectures to craft robust and scalable solutions.

Linux Internals and Kernel Development

Learn the internals of Linux kernel – understanding how Linux manages tasks, memory, filesystem, security features, devices and various resources and also learn how to write efficient system programs and code within the kernel-space.

Modern microcontrollers and IoT

Acquire the skills to program microcontrollers and IoT devices with Micropython and Arduino Sketch. Explore a range of enthusiast-grade IoT devices such as ESP series microcontrollers, Raspberry Pi Pico, and Arduino-compliant boards. Interface with a variety of sensors, including SPI and I2C compliant devices.

Applied Machine Learning using Python

Learn the basics of machine learning with an overview on various tools, frameworks and libraries available on Python for applied ML that involve text, natural language, image and sound processing.

Software Design and Development Principles

Learn and adopt some of the most widely used software design paradigms and principles that include SOLID, GRASP, YAGNI, DRY, POLA, RERO, Loose-coupling, Separation of Concerns, Duck-Typing and Monkey-patching.

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"I have attended python training session given by Chandrashekar. He knows In and Out of python. The training was very helpful to start coding very next day. He has in depth knowledge of all the training he gives. I would definitely recommend him for any training sessions."

Chaithanya Vuppara (via LinkedIn)

"Mr. Chandrashekar is very articulate in teaching concepts. He possess wide and deep understanding of linux, Perl, Python and the list goes on. I have enjoyed his lectures every time. Thank you Sir !! I am your fan."

Nimesh Doshi (via LinkedIn)

"I have attended a few trainings by Chandrashekar Babu, He is a fantastic trainer and excellent technologist. The expertise and the knowledge on how the technology is used in various industries gives him command over what he is doing. I would recommend his the best as Corporate trainer and a expert consultant for the technologies."

Shree Prabhu Rajendran (via LinkedIn)


"I have taken advanced Python Training from Chandrashekar. The way he introduced the language with all its intricacies in a 4 day training is worth mentioning. He was patient to answer all the queries and also shared his valuable experiences in many technical scenarios which helped us to understand the things in a better way. He has got a very deep rooted knowledge on the subject he teaches. I was fortunate to work with an expert."

Amartya Dasgupta (via LinkedIn)

"I was fortunate to attend the week long courses on Linux system programming and kernel internals at Cisco Systems, Bangalore. Chandrashekar explained the intricate details clearly and pointed out to the right resources for further studies (Robert Love books, web links). I found him to be very clear in all the concepts and very patient in answering all of our questions. He has a wide knowledge of programming languages, Linux internals, FOSS and clearly an autodidact. I will strongly recommend him for the training needs of any software development firm."

Bhaskar Jain (via LinkedIn)

"I first took Chandrashekar's training on Linux kernel programming in 2007. I was completely impressed by his style of teaching and the way he delivered the content. Over a period of time, when I sat for classes by other trainers, I started feeling that Chandrashekar would've done the same training much better. I realized that I got so hooked up to his style of teaching that I enrolled for more courses such as Basic & Advanced Perl, XML Technologies, Advanced Java among many others, just because he was enlisted as the trainer. Over a period of time I could figure out that all of his trainings had a similar structure. He starts with a grand introduction about the domain, and gets much into the breadth to clearly point out what the current state of the technology is. I always prefer to know the big picture before I get into any specific topic in depth, and his approach helped. Never has he used a boring slide deck to explain a concept. It has always been hands-on and he helps the participants do every single bit of what he shows as demo. After the live demo + hands-on is complete, he brushes through a bunch of slides he had prepared on the subject, where the deck is used more like a checklist to know if we covered every aspect of the subject in study. All of his sessions were interactive, thought provoking and very lively. It has always been a pleasure to attend Chandrashekar's trainings and I would continue to do so. I highly recommended him for any corporate training or consulting on FOSS related technology."

Srini N (via LinkedIn)

"I have attended couple of training sessions by Chandrashekar. I can say only one thing .. He is "THE EXPERT"..The training were "Excellent" quality. I was excited by the depth and breadth of knowledge he has. He knows complete Linux - In and Out. Name any programming Language - He knows it in detail. In short he is one of few Experts I have seen ever. Would defenitely like to attend more sessions by him."

Sandeep Deshpande (via LinkedIn)

"I have attended many trainings by Chandrashekar and Chandrashekar's passion for teaching is commendable. His training methods are not that of typical ppt based but much interactive and lively. The whole session will be a kind of hands on and absolutely no scope for yawns or naps 🙂 One of the best trainers I have come across and I would like to meet him for more of such trainings.!"

Raghavendra D V Rao (via LinkedIn)